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"Your words list" for Chinese coming tomorrow morning in the Chrome extension


This is just a basic preview at the moment, BUT for me personally, it is really useful!

link here for all that don't have the extension yet!

January 22, 2018



I'm interested, but when I looked into adding it, the Chrome Store said the app could 'read and change all of [my] data on the websites [I] visit'. What does that mean?


It means that it can add new features to websites (like a word list on Duolingo, for example).


Ad blockers do it all the time. They scan the HTML stream coming in and delete links to off-site AD resources like videos.


Does it separate the words into their catagories? Because if so, that's really cool! Will definitely be using Google Chrome for Duo for now on.


Thanks for working on this. Have installed it and it's making my Duo life easier!


Thanks!! This will help me learn about extensions. And many thanks for the time and effort as well.

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