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every time i post, like, comment ,search up or follow a discussion ,a tab will come up and say "ERROR 404" with a duo bird that looks like he was riding his bike and fell off of it. Is this a glitch and is it happing to other people or is it just me. is it something wrong with duolingo and if it is are they even trying to fix it. I have looked on the troubleshooting disscusions and i found NADA.

January 22, 2018


[deactivated user]

    Receiving a 404 error after posting a new message is a bug... the message was sent. No need to post it again, just refresh the page.

    For existing discussions it means the thread was deleted as Dcarl1 said.

    This means the moderators or staff have deleted the discussion, and the link to it leads nowhere.

    Discussions are usually deleted when they are off topic (chat, non-language items, requests for lingots, etc), rude, or a duplicate of others posted recently.

    This happens to me almost every time, but if you press the arrow that lets you go back a page it will return to the discussions and your discussion will be saved. At least that is how it is for me.

    I think it's a bug. It seems to be happening a lot with sentence discussions, especially where there's new material in a tree.

    Sometimes the error message comes up even if the page has not been deleted. Go back and try loading the page again. If it has not really been deleted then you should be able to see the page.

    True - I had not considered this. Refreshing is a sometimes fix.

    To be really sure, I close the tab and re-open it from my history.

    (or re-open last closed tab - if your browser has that feature).

    Sometimes it gets stuck reporting a 404 even though it is not true. Pressing back just takes me to the 404 again sometimes. Usually, in the case, the original 404 was just a timeout, or the local connection was dropped.

    Yeah it happened to me when I make posts every once in a while....but it still shouldn’t mess anything up!

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