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"The length of pieces is very different."

Translation:La longueur des morceaux est très différente.

March 18, 2013



I think this sentence is grammatically incorrect. It should be "The lengths of the pieces are very different."


My thought too, but it could be meaningful--i.e. it could mean something other than the simplest assumption. If Jones has a collection of 20cm pieces of string; and Smith has a collection of 30cm pieces of string, then I might say: Smith's collection is just like Jones's. And you'll correct me by saying "Not really. The length of the pieces is very different." --That is the length (singular) that all Smith's pieces have is (not "are") very different from the length that all Jones's have.

But more likely it's an error.


One of the fun parts of grammar is that nearly everything can be given some kind of context in which it could work. You don't want to learn from that language though!


it is the aussi that worries me


There is nothing in the English sentence indicating that there should be an "aussi/egalement" (no "also" or similar)


Me too. The sentence wasn't "the lengths are as different" or "equally different".


Why not Le long ? "Le long des morceaux" s?.
Le long = el largo = the lenght (m),
la longueur - la longitud = the lenght (f)


This is one of those cases where a word-for-word translation doesn't seem like it would be very idiomatic in French. Could one of our native French speakers weigh in?


"la longueur de morceaux est très différent" was marked correct, but shouldn't it have been "différente"? I only noticed after I had checked the answer.

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