"Fata are un măr și băiatul are două mere."

Translation:The girl has one apple and the boy has two apples.

January 23, 2018



Congrats to anyone who comes here not needing help: that was one long sentence! Let me tell you, I got more than 2 things wrong. Good luck with the 1st real test in spelling! Hopefully I can help next time... : )

January 23, 2018


Yup, got it right but some spellings and extra character were wrong

February 16, 2019


Why cant we answer with "an apple". An apple in the same with one apple right?

June 6, 2018


right? but hey grammar is different everywhere

February 22, 2019


We normally say. In uk we have an apple,not we have one apple unlesd we are asked how many

July 10, 2018


Why is "două mere" correct? If I'm not wrong "măr" is male. With respect to this I would expect to see "doi mere" because "două" will be used for female nouns, isn't it? I'm confused...

July 25, 2018


"Măr" has two meanings. It's masculine when it refers to "apple tree". "Two apple trees" is therefore "doi meri". However, it's neuter when it refers to the fruit "apple". "Two apples" is "două mere".

January 13, 2019


I write "Gilr has one apple and boy has two apples" i missed "The"

January 20, 2019
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