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Japanese Course

Is anyone fluent in Japanese Language? I'm taking notes as I go along with the lessons.

January 23, 2018



i'm a beginner too, but if it helps you at all you should know that there are 3 "alphabets" in Japanese. Kana-(Hiragana and katakana) and kanji, which is based off the Chinese writing system.


hiragana and katakana sound almost exactly the same,but they look different and are used differently


They DO sound the same.


All hiragana has a katakana counterpart, katakana is often used with foreign words and names (Like France, in hiragana it would be: ふらんすand in katakana you write it: フランス)

And kanji is based on the pronunciation, so you can create kanji with hiragana too (like rain, in hiragana it would be: あめ and you write it 雨)


Something to note is, as you go past the Hiragana/Katakana is all the particles and their meanings. Study them a lot cuz they are important.


They have a good Hiragana symbol course in Memrise that might help, I'm sure they have a Katakana and Kanji course as well to add to the Duolingo learning.

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