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making a website to teach french in india

my website http://studyfrench.in/ plz comment and help me to improve my website

January 23, 2018



I was in India for 4 months, liked it a lot. Probably not useful to you but I felt like sharing. Have a lingot for the cause.


Some thoughts...

  • Make it in Indian*? Why English?
  • Get rid of the default Lorem Ipsum stuff, "clients" (e.g. Dribbble, Wordpress etc)
  • More textual content (why hire a tutor?, introduction video, example tutoring sessions, lesson plans, rates, reviews, whatever... check other tutoring sites for inspiration)
  • Distinguish "management team" from "tutor team" and have similar sort of (serious) images for them... a little boy as a tutor?!?!?
  • Don't exaggerate: best french teachers, most experienced french teachers, highly experienced teachers... just state somewhere that all tutors are experienced and what qualifications they are required to have

Is this a work or a study project?

Good luck with the site!

Edit: * As "discussed" below this should have been Hindi, and as apparently English is also an official language in India (didn't know... sorry =)) this point may be a bit obsolete...


Make it in Indian?


He is talking about how "Indian" isn't a language. Their official languages are Hindi and English. It's like someone saying they speak "American," when it's really just English. Anyways, because the site is already in English, it already has one of the official languages on it, but I know what you mean.

Edit: I forgot to mention... there are also a whole bunch of regional language as well.


Thanks for the explanation!! I guess I meant to say Hindi then, as I didn't know English was an official language in India as well =) My first point may be a bit obsolete then, but it's beyond me why that mistake resulted in the whole post getting downvotes... oh well, that's life on the internet I guess.. nitpicking on other people's mistakes instead of contributing =)


Oh my goodness, you can't even see the issue...


OMG I must be really stupid I guess 8-)

Oh well, at least I'm not some jerk downvoting people for no apparent reason and/or making fun of them so there is still hope...


Don't call yourself "stupid," as it happens! I see a lot of people saying they are learning Chinese or Filipino, when they mean Mandarin or Tagalog (respectfully).

Even Duolingo calls Mandarin, "Chinese," as well.


@NtateNarin, don't worry, I was being sarcastic =) I don't mind being wrong (now and then =)), as they're opportunities to learn something new (although it would be nice if people explained errors instead of just making fun of them) =)

PS. *respectively =)


at least write something and get rid of lorem ipsum shit...

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