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Is there a good german chat where I could learn/improve upon my german?

I've tried finding a good german chat so I could learn and/or improve my german over the internet, but I can't seem to find one. Do any of you know of a good one for beginners/learners?

Thanks in advance for any input!

January 23, 2018



You should use HelloTalk! A wonderful (and free) app that lets you talk to native speakers of your target language. In return, you can teach them your native language (or English)!


Hallo RafaelMest9! I completely understand the need to have some sort of chat to improve the language skills. Unfortunately, when Duolingo took that ability from their website, many people lost that invaluable opportunity due to the continuous spamming on individual's profiles. Many people, like myself, were so happy when recently, the phone app version's clubs changed to the ability of actually typing a post within your club and talking with people, instead of the four options to choose from already there. I would recommend downloading the app. It is finally worth it, and free! Your only steps from downloading, are join a club, and make a friend within that club, and start chatting in your desired language! Good luck and happy learning! ~Rebekah


No, i dont think so, but there is a good chance that when you reach a certain level, you can do conversations with a computer. But i recommend just sticking with the assignments that are given to you


unfortunately, no Arlo444166, I am three skills for being done with my french tree and there is no communication on the computer except with discussion we are currently on.

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