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  5. "Máme tady situaci."

"Máme tady situaci."

Translation:We have a situation here.

January 23, 2018



I’m sorry, I don’t think I get it. In what context would you use this sentence?


It is indeed strange. I would at least expect an adjective somehow specifying the situation. Just translate it word for word.


It makes perfect sense in English but I would deem it an idiom and either change the Czech part to something like "Tady se něco děje" or "Máme tady problém" or replace with something that makes a little more sense in Czech.


Thanks. Not being a native or at least very fluent English speaker is sometimes problematic ^_^


you have the power, such as to delete and replace with Snažila bych se svou situaci změnit! :-)

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