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"Prodávám kočku za čtyři sta dvacet tři eur."

Translation:I am selling a cat for four hundred and twenty-three euros.

January 23, 2018



I thought the genitive case was only mandatory if the last number was more than "čtyři".

... (něco) tři eur ? ... (něco) tři eura ?


It is not mandatory and it is accepted. It would be helpful to see your exact sentence.


Hmm. I thought the genitive plural was required for a "countable" noun that comes after any number above 4, which 423 is....


I sell - why not?


On the English side, in this sentence, "I sell A CAT for..." is not grammatically incorrect but it sounds unnatural. "I sell" would be fine in a sentence like "I sell CATS for..." or in a construction like "I sell A CAT every day for..."


At the risk of sounding pedantic, EURO should not be pluralized in English.


Wiktionary does not agree https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/euro#English

euro (plural euros or euro)


It is possible that EUROS applies when referring to individual coins. Official guidance issued when Ireland adopted the currency advised that EURO should be used when referring to sums of money. One frequently hears the other in common use however. Usage notes in Wiktionary supports my view as UK is neither in the Euro area or in the EU!


Frequently "rules" of language become eroded by common usage. This may well be the case here. I will continue to use euro in plural. I apologize for wasting your valuable time on such a trivial matter.

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