"We have cooked them"


1 year ago



eng-kisw : Them does not indicate which class to use in kiswahili, could be people ("wa"), things ("vi"), or anything else, for all of which in english you would use them. So there should be an object, so that one can choose the right infix

edit: Of course "cooking them" referring to people would be kind of macabre obviously :D

1 year ago


Given the fact that most fruits and plant produce is in the ji-/ma- class, it would be more logical to have Tumeyapika as the solution. This is not accepted. Reported Dec. 18.

2 months ago


I also was considering that the plural on several classes would be acceptable. I chose -ya- because "they" have used -ya- on previous examples and now it is not accepted. eish...I have reported. March '19.

1 day ago
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