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Your avatars explained

[deactivated user]

    A light-hearted topic looking for curious answers.

    Why did you pick your current avatar? Any interesting story behind it or just some semi-random image?

    (Credit to FreeHelicopters for the idea)

    January 23, 2018



    My avatar is the Japanese snowbunny A picture showing a Japanese snowbunny next to a small twig stuck into the snow and carrying few red nandina berries. The snowbunny is made from a hand-size lump of snow, slightly rounded to resemble the body of a bunny, with two little green leaves for ears, and two red nandina berries for eyes


    I chose mine because I love Star Wars and R2D2 is my favorite character!


    My avatar has a cool meaning (at least for me). My objective is to learn German, so I made a target with the colors of the German flag.


    My avatar shows the duolingo owl with a chicken sitting on the owls head. This is how I like to think of learning together! I think old books and new learning are treasures that go together. So the owl is pointing to a very old Spanish Grammar book –from 1725 – it has such a great title:

    "A NEW SPANISH GRAMMAR, More perfect than any hitherto publish'd." London, MDCCXXV

    (MDCCXXV is 1725)


    Well that ´s easy, its my reflection in the compass heading East. (almost, to be exact -10º in that point) Still, it s just a selfie.

    What i really like about that picture is all the implicit information included and even, the missinformation as we are use to in this modern times.


    My profile pic is Adygea/Circassia in Polandball form. This comes out of my love for the Circassian people, language, and culture. However I didn't draw it and I want to change that.


    I love rabbits. I have 2 of my own.


    My avatar is completely random.

    It's just a particular shade of blue and doesn't reveal anything about myself at all. There's absolutely no meaning or reference hidden in it, and it's not even my favorite shade of blue. At one point, I was considering change it to a shade of blue I liked more, but people recognize me with this one, so I'm most likely going to keep it for quite a while.

    Thanks for asking!


    I may have a slight obsession with Marvel...


    I like Michael Jordan so I chose him as my avatar.


    I'm a pretty big Star Wars geek and I like to say my secret identity is a Jedi, so yeah lol


    I just have this random obsession with butterflies and purple and blue are my favorite colors.


    My avatar is the Peruvian Flag, I chose it because I'm from Peru.


    lol I was just messing about in the other thread.

    Picture of weights is a reminder of the daily dedication building fitness levels involve. You need the consistency of daily routine yet its also necessary to push yourself beyond what is comfortable to have any growth.

    The principles of learning a language are the same, long term dedication, consistency and a willingness to push yourself.


    [deactivated user]

      I was just messing about in the other thread.

      Still, but credit where is due.

      Funny thing, until you describe it I though it was old cannons like this one: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4028/4599301645_239225f675.jpg

      Must check lenses...


      Well it is a cool pic, have a tropical beach, some palm trees and an old cannon. I'm thinking pirates, privateers and the like.


      SMH, I thought it was binoculars…


      I saw this on the internet...and honestly I don't know what I would even change it to lol. The German flag is there because I've finished my tree. I'll add another one in there when I finish others as well but I'm not rushing. What about you?

      [deactivated user]

        You're right... forgot to mention mine.

        This is a bridge in my hometown. Like the lines and the colours on the photo... so, mostly aesthetic reasons.


        Do you live in São Paulo? Since I'm pretty sure that it looks exactly like the one in the city called octavio frias de oliveira.

        [deactivated user]

          No, it's not Brazil.


          Is it The Vasco da Gama Bridge in Portugal?

          [deactivated user]


            . shrugs .

            Two words: Spider-Man


            I just liek how that cake looks


            My favorite color is pink, so I just wrote my name in a pretty, cool font on a pink background. :)


            It's a freeze frame from an adorable yawing sloth .


            My kids and I all have similar ones. We all have the french flag in th background since we are learning French.

            I have a teddy since it was picked out by them. The number two is because I have completed 2 trees.


            I got mine from a meme. Pretty uninspiring, no?


            Why not? And it's pretty, too :)


            I chose a close-up pic of myself in the spirit of integrity.


            It's me. I chose it because it's me lol.


            The 501st clone trooper is my favorite-looking armor type and unit.


            I love Star Wars! My favorite movie is probably the Empire Strikes back.


            My avatar is my face.


            I was in a bad point of my life when I made this account, so I decided to make the image pretty and brightly colored. Everything positive counted. I'm not a big flower person but I love this picture.


            My avatar is pretty simple...it’s me!


            Your post inspired me to add an avatar to my profile. It's a beautiful old oak tree from my home town.

            [deactivated user]

              Now that you mentioned it, I've noticed 3/4 of the most regular members here have changed their avatar. Such is the power of suggestion...

              ... or just coincidence.


              sorry, what is an avatar?

              [deactivated user]

                Your profile pic.


                Just take a close look at mine. Self-explanatory. :)


                I honestly just really love cats and rainbows. Combining them makes it double cool!

                [deactivated user]

                  A late Santa must've passed on this topic and awarded everyone who replied this discussion a lingot.

                  It wasn't me.

                  Either way thanks to those who kindly offered me 8 lingots. Of course I don't do threads to get lingots but it's always a nice token of appreciation.

                  [deactivated user]

                    Mine is a doodle I did once


                    I am a former highschool teacher, although not in languages, and I am not that young anymore


                    Eyes, nose, hair, black. That's it really.


                    Je choisis le mien parce que c'est moi! XD


                    Mine for the moment is from the Zero Punctuation review of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.

                    It also pretty well describes how I feel most days.


                    Because the colors are pretty and I wanted something "girly".


                    I wanted something "girly".

                    That's me totally.


                    I love ornate letters, calligraphy, typography and such. I wanted a V for obvious reasons, and Art Nouveau is my favorite period in art history. To be totally perfect, the flowers should have been purple colored irises, but, perfection is not from this world…


                    I wear headphones in real life and and favorite color is purple.

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