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Strengthen not working properly

Ok, hello! I'm writing because of a problem that occured to me in the German course but I think is of a more general nature, and whose solution I couldn't find because I don't know how to use the search engine properly.

Namely, when I use the "Strengthen skills" option, it doesn't choose the skills that are not golden (like it does by default) and that need refreshing but rather some random skills instead. This was not a problem when it was concerning just one of the skills, which I could do manually, but recently I haven't been doing much German at all so quite a big part of the tree needs refreshing - and after practising a few skills, the rest aren't chosen to be practised anymore. Is there any solution other than doing them one by one manually?

January 23, 2018



Update: neither German, Russian nor Esperanto seems to work, had problems with Czech, too.


I am having the same problem. "Strengthen" chooses words from the first lesson, then the second, with no regard to which are gold and which aren't. To actually get my tree gold I now have to choose the lessons individually. This has been the case for the past 2 days or so, for all languages.


Strengthen hasn't been reliable for Portuguese either. For example, I keep using the general STRENGTHEN SKILLS button, but it doesn't report any strengthened skills at the end, even when I didn't make any mistakes. Three times in a row, and still no progress... This can't be right. (This has been happening for several days, using the website.)


I am having a similar problem with Hebrew, but even more so.

I picked a specific skill via the web app and the skill did not go gold. It was at 4/5 rating. I used the mobile app and the skill went gold. From the web page, I did the same skill three times with no change from 4/5. From my experience with DL, that is simply impossible. At 4/5, you only need to strengthen it once to get it back to gold.

I had a similar problem a few months ago and eventually gave up on using the web site for Hebrew. I re-golded all of my skills with the mobile app, then the web site appeared to start working correctly again.

Also, the mobile app seems to be a lot smarter about what words need to be strengthened. In general, I am finding the mobile app to be way more productive than the web site, for which there is simply no excuse. There should be no functional difference.

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