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Am I able to do clubs on the Duolingo IOS version?

I wanted to inspect element something on Duolingo, just to look at the coding. When I did it I noticed that the bit on the side had turned into Duolingo IOS form. I want to do clubs but I can't find any buttons saying clubs. Can I do clubs or not??

January 23, 2018



yes you can, its the button at the bottom that looks like a human face click it


Nah man couldnt see it


Hmm, I think what may have happened is akin to what happens if you really up the zoom on your computer monitor. At about 400% Duolingo automatically switches to the mobile browser version, which looks a lot like the app but still differs (for instance, on iOS, it has discussions, which the app doesn't). If that's what you were actually seeing, then, no, I don't think you can use it to do the clubs, as that's only in the actual app.

If you run the app through an emulator, however, then you could use the clubs (not that I think they're terribly worthwhile).

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