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Thinking of giving up.....

I'm doing the french course Duolingo for 2 years , and now i'm thinking of giving up, because it's kind of boring , i reached a good level but not enough , now i'm thinking in look for other method to learn laguange. If you guys have any advide to help me in this moment i'd appreciate it

January 23, 2018



I learned French from kindergarten to high school (and now I'm taking classes in college) in an immersion program that primarily taught all school subjects to students in a target second language (mine being French, others had German or Spanish). I can guarantee you that while Duolingo is an amazing resource, you will not become fluent solely on using Duolingo. You should start by reading in French, and I mean really reading. There are many starter novels that are out there, and I've seen Duo threads/discussions that give good beginner book lists. Try Le Petit Prince, for example. It will be extremely hard at first (or perhaps not so much, depending on your grasp of vocabulary and verb tenses), but don't let that deter you from pushing through. Get a notebook and write down ANY word you are unfamiliar while reading and put it on the left side of the page, and next to it write the English translation of the word. Test yourself on these weekly. Furthermore, the biggest struggle for a lot of people is the use of the right tenses while speaking and writing, so I'd highly recommend you practice writing, perhaps in a journal or creative writing. Practice speaking with others if you can, I've seen threads about adding friends on Skype or other related video chat apps. Duolingo is an amazing stepping stone into fluency, but to become fluent in the language you'll have to strengthen your use of the language in real world settings.

Despite needing more than just Duolingo to become fluent, I will highly recommend that you don't give up on using it as an additional resource to keep certain vocabulary words fresh in your brain and to switch up your learning style every once in a while. You can make your daily XP goal lower, but I wouldn't stop using it altogether.


Great suggestions! I love your tip about reading in French. I just bought my first French book and it's a comic book! If you are looking for something light it's definitely an option. Bonne chance and never give up!


Thanks man , i'll make these things


Alors ... avez-vous décidé? Allez-vous continuer à essayer ou allez-vous abandonner?


That is amazing I'm in 7th and I want french to be my first foriang language


Me too. I assume you mean 7th grade?


Whatever you do, don't quit! Like you, I've been taking French here at Duolingo, and the more I advance, the more difficult i seems to get. But that just tells me how far I've come. I've finished the tree and now I'm trying to turn it all gold, but I still have so much to learn. I'm no one to give you advice other than never give up!


I'm curious if you have any tips on getting to as high a level as you have on French? I just got my French tree completely gold yesterday, and I'm only in early level 13. Congrats on finishing your tree btw :)


Thanks for the congrats. I really have no tips to give. I just keep practicing every day. I admire you for turning your French tree all gold by level 13! Most impressive!


Dont give up, it takes time. what i recommend is that you do a reverse course on duolingo, changeing your lnaguge settings to france. do english for frenhc speakers. it will extend your vocab and let you think in frenhc. have a try. dont give up on learning a language french youtuers i suggest is comme une france-teacher and cyprien-youtuber thats french who does fun things and also use this app called hello talk to talk with natives your age. you can chat, voice record, video call, voice call, send pictures and i think videos. you can send each other postcards on the app free.


For sure you need to move on to other things but the giving up comment is worrysome. I did not touch my French tree for months and just recently came back to do some more, though I still hate spelling and conjugation. My principal goal is reading and listening, so I focus on those things. It is good to focus on what you like.


Have you tried reading the french stories in labs yet? They are really fun. There are lot’s of great sites out there and podcasts out there to practise french, that are suitable for intermediates. My favourites now are tv5monde, coffee break french podcast series and a storybook app called boukili.ca. Watching kids shows is also great practice. Bonne chance!


I've definitely been there. I've been at it for a year and a half. At various times, I tried to read materials that were way above me, or I would try to have a conversation in the language and all I could think to say was "Je suis not good at French." I would get discouraged and felt like Duolingo wasn't really teaching me anything. I would blame the site for teaching me the wrong things. But over time, I realized that this was my own frustration with myself. Duolingo is just a tool, and it doesn't work for everyone, but I think it is a good tool if you stick with it.

It might help to make the language fun again by listening to French music and reading along with the lyrics. I'll read through a dozen times, and then put the same song on repeat for well over an hour while I'm working or driving until the words just get stuck in my head. Just make sure to choose something that doesn't make you crazy to hear 100 times!


The music tip is great. There is a great Song of the Day thread with some very eclectic french tunes.


Maybe you could go abroad and visit different places to get a wider vocabulary of different languages


I agree. Don't give up, Two ideas: try corresponding one on one with another French learner; try reading a book in both translations. For example, Camus "The Stranger" in English and the French counterpart "L'estrange."


Duolingo is updating its English to French program soon (early in the new year) and it will expand and deepen the tree as I understand. This will give you lots of new challenges. (I am watching for it every day) Doing the reverse tree (French to English) is different as you are challenged more to use the target language. I suggest expanding your learning tools to augment Duolingo as already suggested, audio books are excellent. Sylvie Lainé has created some excellent audio books in French with English glossaries throughout the text (Voyage en France is my go to audio book) and the pronunciation is excellent. J'aime Lire are small softcover monthly publications aimed at children up to 10 years old and are an excellent read as they are full of new vocabulary and verb tenses and I find they augment the level of French grammar Duolingo exposes us to. They are reinforcing and not impossibly challenging. You can find them on EBay.
Continue to challenge yourself with other tools. Good luck. It sounds like you have worked too hard to give it up now!


So sorry to see you leave!! Have you tried Memrise or Quizlet? Hopefully your mind will turn around!!!


Dude, don't give up. I've been on duolingo for a while as well, but I'm still trying, what language are you specifically looking to learn? Maybe I could help.


XD Je pourrais totalement vous aider avec le français!


Don't give up, you can do it!


If you feel like Duolingo isnt enough maybe try some other sites.


How do you learn best? Written, Auditory, or bit of both? What's the goal? Go to france? Read a book? Chat up a hottie at the pub? I started learn french around 3 years ago and I'm fluent now. I tried 500,000 methods so I got you covered if you need something else ;).


i'd like to increase my listen and reading hability , and yes go to France


You need a penpal. Get on globalpenfriends.com or something similar and get yourself a penpal. Write to them only in french. Skype and only speak french. Thats really the only way to get decent. Duolingo is horrible for both of those things. Also book a ticket to france. Take all the time off you can get / quit work and head on over! Don't be in paris for to long aswell. I'd suggest Grenoble or Annecy but I'm a sucker for mountains. Plus with a date set for a trip you are going to want to really improve so you can really appreciate the country. I just spent 2 moths in France and went from almost unable to conversate to almost always able to understand. I could read and write fluently though so it wasn't like I needed to learn words or anything. So yeah, ditch duo and get some real french interaction. ;) Bonne chance mon ami et bon courage. :)


Oh man, this is my first year in french, but just make sure that you have encouragement. My teacher is the one who made me want to, so that's my advice. And, even if it gets boring, culture is a great motivation! Looking at art, finding quotes, and looking for interesting traditions is what fuel's my fire in any language I'm learning. Hope I helped!


Yes, french is a hard language to learn but it is far from impossible, if your are confident enough, I recommend watching videos in french (Go google up Squeezie, he is incredibly funny and if you don't understand just turn up the english subtitles)

Also if your have any questions feel free to ask them to me, I am a native speaker.


When the going gets tough, the tough get going.


Makes sense when they keep moving the goal posts.

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