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  5. "We ran to each other"

"We ran to each other"


January 23, 2018



Why is it Tulikimbiliana and not just Tulikimbiana?


Tulikimbiliana means we ran to each other. Tulikimbiana means we ran (to a direction not known).


But surely Tulikimbiana breaks down as follows:
tu- (we)
-li- (past tense)
-kimbia (run, i.e. away somewhere)
-na (to each other).

So as I see it there is an unexplained li (or il) in there. What would that represent?


-kimbia means "run (away)"
-kimbilia means "run to(wards)"

Tunakimbiana = We ran away from each other.
Tunakimbiliana. = We ran to(wards) each other.

There are quite a few instances where the applicative form (called "prepositional" in this course) changes the meaning between "to" and "from".

-hama = to move away
-hamia = to move to

And there's this weird pairing.

-pakia = to pack, put in, load, upload
-pakua = to unpack, take out, unload, download

It's not pakia vs paka because paka means "apply, smear, put on" (eg. make-up) ... this -u- is sometimes used to form opposites or sometimes more intense meanings of words.


Interesting. Thanks for the thorough explanation!


So, we make as first directional form of the verb and then we put the ending "-na" for build the reciprocal form .

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