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"I want to buy that pair of Italian shoes."


January 23, 2018



why is the 的 not needed


意大利鞋子 = Italy shoes (although I think it could be refined to...)

來自意大利的鞋子 = Shoes from Italy

意大利的鞋子 = Italy's shoes (lol)


Italian shoes does mean Made In Italy, doesn't it? Haven't heard about Italian style shoes so far...


Because "Italy" is a noun, not an adjective.


I'm almost positive 意试鞋子 can replace 意大利鞋子. 意试 nearly means "Italian style." A good example of where this is used elsewhere is coffee: 意式浓缩 means "Italian-style espresso."


I'd be carefull with that, because they both imply different meanings. I agree that in some cases both are acceptable, I would say that 意式衣服 could maybe be correct but it sounds weird. It sounds like "clothes made in the Italian way".

For example 意式咖啡 means "coffee made in the Italian way". You might also hear 美式咖啡 "coffee made in the American way" which is an Americano. However, when you say 意大利咖啡, to me that's "coffee from Italy". Not really the same as 意式咖啡.


Does it have to be 我想买那双意大利鞋子, or can it be 我想那双意大利鞋子?


The sentence has the word "buy", so you should use 买 in Chinese. Saying 我想那双鞋子 just means "I want that pair of shoes"

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