Small question: In my Japanese course I've come across 一人で (or something like that) meaning "by myself", but I can't find out how to pronounce it, since Duolingo isn't pronouncing it like "ichi gin de" like I would expect it to. How is it pronounced?

January 23, 2018


人 has several readings: ひと (kun-yomi) and り、にん、じん (on-yomi).

The sequence for counting people: 一人(ひとり)、二人(ふたり)、三人(さんにん), then continues the pattern 'number + にん). 数人(すうにん)is 'some people'. 人数(にんず/にんずう)is 'number of people'. 何人(なんにん)is either 'a number of people' or 'how many people' if used in a question.

As 'Gi' and 'ji' have totally different pronunciations in Japanese, try to avoid writing じん as 'gin'.

一人で is pronounced as hito・ri・de

Edit: have a look at (number 1)

Oh alright, thanks! I just wanted to make that clear :)

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