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  5. "Dada anapanda maua"

"Dada anapanda maua"

Translation:The sister is planting the flowers

January 24, 2018



Reporting that sister is planting flowers should be accepted.


Does this technically also mean "sister is climbing flowers"?


Sister is mounting blooms.


"anapanda" has multiple meanings , it can mean to climb and it can mean to plant and you will know the meaning from the context of the sentence.


Maybe in a fairy tale context, where the sister is climbing giant flowers up to the sky


Would this typically actually mean "My sister"?


You would need dada yangu for it to be "my sister".


That's the word-by-word equivalent. I'm asking how the language is used in practice. "The sister is planting flowers" is much more likely to be a sentence about a nun than someone being referred to via a kinship relationship.

Other language don't use possessives for family members as much as English does. I'm trying to understand if Swahili is one of them or not, or does Duolingo just have lots and lots of sentences about family members that actually aren't that natural. Most Americans at least don't refer to their sister just with "sister," so "Sister is planting flowers" is also likely about a nun.


Correct English options should be: Sister is planting flowers A sister is planting flowers The sister is planting flowers OR you could even add "the" before flowers... Sister is planting the flowers A sister is planting the flowers The sister is planting the flowers


"A sister is planting flowers" would mean it is a nun.

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