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About those silly sentences we must use to learn our languages here...

[deactivated user]

    So a number of posts have circulated about silly sentences that are being used for learning our languages here on duolingo. So I thought this would be a perfect time to share Eddie Izzard's take on language learning. Now his examples are French, but silly sentences occur in all our learning, so I'm putting this on the Duolingo topic, not in the French section.


    January 24, 2018



    I legit teared up laughing a little :D So funny, so true (I'm French). And should I say, I had to repeat my share of silly English sentences. Hope it served me well in the end :)


    I would say that it did! You write quite well. :D


    i like this guy, he's funny. and he makes a good point. but i guess that as kids we all read silly books and things that helped us learn to speak, because they're funny and memorable. and learning silly, unnecessary words at the start like animals and furniture and things like that helps you learn strategies of vocab memorisation. or just to mess around with the language, i guess. but of course they should be combined with some real proper grammar too :)


    That is one of the funniest bits he has ever done. Reminded me of French class...


    ( ps. me toooooo )


    I have seen monkeys sitting on roofs, on the ground, and walking along power lines within a few dozens of miles of French-speaking territoire. I dare suspect at least one of them may have been spotted upon a branch, but, being a more ordinary matter, it doesn't happen to stick in the memory :)

    [deactivated user]

      Was it a cheeky monkey? He knew you didn't speak French that well so he'd run off and do other things...


      Haa haaaa - very funny.
      However it would be much more appropriate in the English learning French forum.

      Thank you for sharing.

      However, I strongly recommend you move this now to the appropriate forum.

      As an aside, just as with the entertainment value of this comedy sketch, it is just another reason for me why it is so much fun learning another language.

      Also, why it is such fun learning "funny sentences".

      They help you remember things. They engage you. They make you laugh at times.
      They help you tell stories. They help point out to points of grammar in a way that many of us are more likely to take notice, rather than fall asleep.

      So again, to repeat, thank you for sharing this comedy sketch.
      Unless others wish to contribute to make this more relevant to general language learning.

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      [deactivated user]

        I was kinda on the fence about this but there is a considerable amount of French on the video, so I went ahead and moved it. I agree on having fun learning other languages. I recently attended a French group and lived to tell about it! But I had so much fun I want to study and try again! Le singe es sur le branche! Haha he was a cheeky monkey!


        This made me laugh out loud. Years ago, as a teenager learning French, we would make up crazy improbable sayings and sentences which, in turn, would help us remember the new words and phrases. Thanks for this very funny reminder that comedy is a useful and necessary tool in learning!

        [deactivated user]

          Did you travel among heavily wooded areas?


          I saw this routine ages ago, but I couldn't resist watching it again. wipes tears from eyes Oh. My. Thanks for the laughs!!! You made my evening.

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