"We love our brothers."

Translation:Nous aimons nos frères.

January 24, 2018

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Would you be able to use the more familiar "on" instead of "nous" in this structure? I tried "on aime notre frères" but knew "notre" wouldn't work with "on" Wouldn't it be more likely for someone to use "on" when speaking or referring to family in French?


You could do that ("on aime nos frères") with the understanding that "on" is used as a generic term, much like English uses the generic "we", the generic "you", and the generic "they". It's not that "notre" doesn't work with "on". "Notre" is singular (the plural of "notre" is "nos") so you must use "nos frères".


a while ago, you said adorer was to love. aimer...to like. which is it?


With people "to love" is "aimer", unless you want to exaggerate your feeling and then you can say "nous adorons nos frères" (we looooove/adore our brothers).

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