Memrise Pro

Has anyone tried learning Japanese using Memrise Pro? Apparently they have videos along with their exercises. I'm wondering how it compares to Duo overall, though.

Thanks in advance.

January 24, 2018


I'm using Memrise (free version) and there are some videos of native speakers when it tests phrases, but it isn't frequent.

I got the pro version just to get away from all the pop up ads on my phone when I used the Memrise app. I completed the Japanese 1 course on Memrise and I honestly had more fun learning through it versus learning on Duolingo. The videos are nice, but too infrequent to make any difference. I learned more useful phrases in a shorter amount of time on Memrise versus Duolingo. Neither one explicitly teaches grammar (for that, you should definitely use LingoDeer). Memrise shines more as a spaced repetition system than as a language course, I think...but even then, it’s outclassed by Anki. Probably the biggest advantage Memrise offers is the wealth of user-created content, which again, I don’t think you need a pro subscription to access.

then is learning on memrise easier?

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