"Wie spät gehst du ins Bett?"

Translation:How late do you go to bed?

January 24, 2018

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Of course.

ins = in + das

use "ins" when you use the preposition "in" together with the specific direct article "das".


Ich gehe INS Haus = Ich gehe in das Haus BUT NOT: Ich gehe ins Bar - BECAUSE: Ich gehe in DIE Bar.

This rule applies to several prepositions like:

durchs = durch + das

aufs = auf + das

übers = über + das

unters = unter + das

etc ...

Hope I could help you :)


Thanks Xanellus for sharing this with us. Much appreciated!

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In German everybody would say: "Wann gehst du ins Bett?"


Can I get some clarification on the use of 'ins' here?


ins = in das

This might help you, just think of the bed not only as the bed, but the pillow and the blanket are part of the bed. Now you are entering the bed, because you will go under the planket.


"how late do you get in bed" Marked wrong and lost me my last heart


Can I say, get in bed instead of go to bed? Thanks in advance

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