Ho finito


Last night my golden owl popped up wearing his Italian scarf., so I opened a bottle of Prosecco. I wish I could have shared it with my fellow learners here who have encouraged me for more than a year. Thank you to you all.

A special thank you to CivisRomanus. So many explanations, given in ways that made sense to me and the way that I learn. You have helped me more than you will ever know.

My next step? Less time poring over my well-thumbed dictionary, and more time reading and listening. The hardest part for me is the speaking, so I must try talking to the cat in Italian. The tree does look good all in gold, so I aim to keep it that way.

I tried to learn Italian to make an effort for my son's wonderful Italian girlfriend and her family. Not a natural linguist, it has been hard. Now I just love Italian, and I have a new interest for the rest of my life.

Thank you all again, and thank you to everyone at Duolingo for making it possible for me.

January 24, 2018


Bravissima HelenDaisy, le mie più vive congratulazioni!
Grazie per avermi citato ma il merito è davvero solo tuo. Spero che continuerai a frequentare il sito di Duolingo, magari seguendo il corso inverso (italiano → inglese).
In bocca al lupo per tutto!

P.S. - Qualche tempo fa ti avevo promesso che avrei postato una spiegazione dettagliata dell'uso di "proprio". Lo farò presto. ;-)

Crepi il lupo! Grazie CivisRomanus.

Complimenti! I too finished my tree with it 100% gold last night! I had had it mostly done for ages, but finally wrapped it up. It’s a great feeling to see it finished at last.

The Italian learning community here is truly outstanding. Everyone - particularly Civis Romanus - is so helpful, and so willing to help explain language use and offer encouragement.

My plan - aside from continuing my outside learning activities and novel reading, of which I have quite a bit - is to start again at the beginning going through with my Robustelli grammar and really going a deep dive into each topic reading all the comments for weak spots, with a goal of deepening my understanding. I’d like to do more conversation too, but since my work schedule prevents me doing classes at this time I thought I’d try some meet ups. And today I start the reverse tree...

Onward and upward!

Hello Dcarl, what a coincidence! I feel I am having an 'Anne of Green Gables' moment----kindred spirits etc. You have given me so much help and understanding over the last year, I cannot think of a better person to share the occasion with.

Congratulations to you. You have achieved it with more general reading than me. I found I could not read even simple passages until I had sorted out those verb tenses. I have a lot more work to do on them. I could do the lessons easily by treating them like mathematical exercises, applying the rules and getting the right answers. Now I have to look at them again and again until I 'feel' them. But reading has suddenly become easier. I just read and understood CR's kind comments above with the dictionary firmly closed. I have a copy of your earlier recommendations----l'll try to catch up with you.

Well done again. Let's raise a glass to each other tonight! Helen

Yes indeed on kindred spirits!

The reading has been a double-edged sword. It's given me more facility, but it's been flawed without truly understanding condizionale and passato remoto, as so much is written in the latter. I just lazily breezed over those, taking the vocabulary meaning and leaving the shadings of tense. Now I've buckled down and completed those units. It does get easier with a complete tree though. I was shocked to be reading last night and truly "get" the condizionale, understanding its proper meaning in the dialogue.

Tantissime congratulazioni anche a te per l'ambito traguardo!
E complimenti per la scelta del testo: Cecilia Robustelli è una linguista molto conosciuta e collabora con l'Accademia della Crusca. Quindi dev'essere un'ottima grammatica.
In bocca al lupo!

Wow - wonderful. Well done! An impressive journey.

I'm in the middle of my journey and enjoying it very much but I do feel I am not talking or writing enough beyond Duolingo.

And unfortunately, I don't have a cat!

I discovered this website that connects learners to people who speak a native language like Italian but who want to practice and develop their English skills:

It takes learning to a whole new level!

Thank you. Thank you for the link too----how much Prosecco do I need to give me the courage to try that?!!! Good luck with the rest of your journey, hope it goes well for you.

Bravissima! Now time for the reverse tree, perhaps?

Thank you for your encouragement. One day!

HelenDaisy, the reverse tree is really good, and not that hard! I started after I finished the tree and was surprised how much I knew. My English score is now 57% in English :-)))) which is pretty poor considering English is my native language!! Give it a go, it helps to understand things a bit better and I love reading the comments from Italians in the discussions! I think you may have started trying Memrise (can't remember if that was you) but that's really helpful too. You're lucky having an Italian speaking cat, I wish I had one!

Hello Lynnich, thank you for your insights. I did wonder if I would be feeling that I had done as much as I could when I finished. But no, I am excited to have achieved a foundation, and now want to go on and on. I looked at the reverse tree just now, and had a bit of a thrill when I tapped the' I speak Italian' button. Ginger Ned says ciao

Ciao! I am new sono nuovo di italiano

Benvenuto! If you have any questions, please do post. There are many helpful people here.

Good work.. I see that you have started on the reverse tree.. you will learn a lot from that (more than the first one)... other things I do... subscribe to Italian language news feeds... find Italian teachers on youtube and listen to Italian talk radio online. Keep up the good work.

Thank you, and thank you for your good advice too. It is a good feeling to have finished. I know what I have to do to reinforce that learning, but I do have more time to listen to real people talking..

I love your reason for learning Italian. Both of my father's parents were born in Italy and I have always cherished my heritage. Sadly, my father died a few years ago. I wish I had known about Duolingo earlier so I could have made him proud by speaking the language with him while he was alive. I bet your son really appreciates your efforts!

Yes Elizabeth. The Italian family seem very pleased, and perhaps a little surprised. They speak excellent English.

Well done. I'm plodding on, not a natural but enjoying the process. Good luck with teaching the cat Italian.

Thank you Gill. We are both, (the cat and I), studying hard. I plodded too, and then found myself at the end. Still so much to learn.

Brava! I just began, and have been learning a lot. Nice format.

Thank you Antonio. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Good luck.

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