Ulpan Level Test


I am interested to know what Ulpan level I can expect to be when I finish the Hebrew course (given proper focus and take it seriously). If you have finished or almost finished the Hebrew course take the Ulpan level test and tell me your result! GIVE IT A GO AND SEE HOW MUCH YOU KNOW!

Link to the test:


January 24, 2018


I'm kind of beat today, but I got 19/20 on the beginner test. I'm too tired to attempt the next level up, but the last time I did it I got 10/20 I believe. (I suck at the future tense lol) I have yet to try the third one. I think possibly the second and probably the third are marked by real people, so I don't like to abuse the use of the tests!

I should add that I've done a lot of study outside of the Hebrew tree, although I don't feel I've yet mastered all the material in the tree, so it's hard to say whether those results really reflect the tree or not. Also, neither the tree nor the test address spoken Hebrew or listening comprehension. That said, I think you should be able to reach a solid A2 level with written Hebrew from the tree, IMO.

January 24, 2018

Thanks for the comment! Did you get a letter e.g. level gimmel?

Also have you tried listening to news or TV in Hebrew? And if you have how difficult did you find it to follow the dialogue?

January 24, 2018

I was at B2 when I finished duolingo. But this was also after finishing primsluer, rosetta, a few other smaller courses, and of course to constantly rehearse all the words I've learned in Anki.

January 24, 2018

Hi, I've tried Beginner and I got 18/20. Is this level related to the Ulpan courses for Olim Jadashim? I saw it's a private course, not an official one. I'm trying to reach kita dalet if possible, I don't know if this test is as clear as I need. תודה רבה

March 12, 2019
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