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I think i broke duolingo

I am leaning German in duolingo and purchased idioms and proverbs with my lingots. i had completed the exercise and a few days later I came back to strengthen the skill when a glitch happened. The question asked to write the sentence below in English when the words were completely scrambled up and made no sense. when you pointed the cursor on top of the sentence it had a completely different meaning. Hope you fix this glitch soon duolingo Thanks suneeth2004

January 24, 2018



When you see something like this you need to use the report function for the individual sentence. Also, proverbs and idioms often aren't word for word - The Spanish equivalent of "The early bird catches the worm" translates in Spanish to something that translates back to English as God aids the person who is an early riser.


"Al que madruga Dios lo ayuda."

It'd be useful if you add a screen-shot to your report OP.


Can you provide a concrete example to help me understand your concern better? Thanks.


I think I know your issue here. It's not a glitch, the saying is just worded differently in German. The words might translate literally to something that doesn't really make sense; e.g, the German version might have different words in it and phrased differently to the English one, but it's just the German equivalent. I was confused, too, at first. For example, 'Ende gut, Alles gut' literally translates to 'End good, everything good' but it has the same meaning as 'All's well that ends well', so that would be the answer. I hope that makes sense.


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