"Why do you not want me to make it?"

Translation:Pourquoi ne voulez-vous pas que je le fasse ?

January 24, 2018

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Why not, "que je le fais"


vouloir que (and its negative) require the subjunctive, hence je le fasse.


That doesn't really address why it is needed, which is what I imagine Lilliette was asking about.


Well, because by the rules of French grammar, it is triggered by vouloir que in the positive or negative.

See: https://www.lawlessfrench.com/subjunctivisor/vouloir/


Why is fait conjugated to fasse


coz it is the subjunctive, it requires this conjugation


Why is it conjugated to the subjunctive?


As I said above, it is triggered by vouloir que.


Vouloir que just happens to be one of the phrases that trigger the subjunctive. There are many phrases which trigger the subjunctive. You cannot ignore the subjunctive and you cannot use it only some of the time, you just have to learn which phrases use it and which don’t. Lawless french provides a lesson on the subjunctive. Certain phrases which express certain desires and certain feelings trigger the subjunctive. Vouloir que is one of these phrases.


why not: Pourquoi tu ne me veux pas que je le fasse?


"Me" is not the object of "veux".

I want you to + verb = je veux que tu + subjunctive


Why not pourquoi tu ne me veux pas le fasse?


Because the construction is all wrong.
The main clause "Why do you not want ..." translates into the polite inversion : "Pourquoi ne voulez-vous pas... " although, if talking with a very close friend or family member, you could say:
"Pourquoi ne veux-tu pas.... "
Then you need to connect the subordinate or dependent clause "me to make it" which is expressed as: "que je le fasse " .

A useful subjunctive tool to can be found here:



I wrote "Pourquoi est-ce que tu ne veux pas que je le fasse" and it tells me I missed a space, apparently between est and ce. I am correct, aren't I?


I read the meaning of the English as 'why don't you want me to succeed?' and put in pourquoi est-ce que tu ne veux pas que j'y arrive

but it marked me wrong. If the English is ambiguous it should accept all possible answers


Is the inversion necessary?

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