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Creating special characters with keyboard shortcuts

I'm in the basic training sections for Spanish. Anyone know how to insert special characters using keyboard shortcuts, rather than clicking on them? I want to insert a vowel with an accent, or an "n" with a tilde over it, etc.

6 years ago



Some Microsoft products (Office, Messenger include native support to use Ctrl + accent + letter. For example Ctrl + ' + e = é, or Ctrl + ~ + n = ñ. This is really convenient, and I'd love to see something like that implemented here.

6 years ago


On a Mac, for the ñ, you do Option-n to indicate the tilde accent, followed by "n" for the letter. The list is here: http://tlt.its.psu.edu/suggestions/international/accents/codemac.html#accent

6 years ago


Or on a PC this will be of interest: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306560

6 years ago