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  5. "这个故事不是真的。"


Translation:This story isn't true.

January 24, 2018



This sentence has an uncanny melody to it. Something like 'AB CD CD AB'. I love it! Zhège gùshì bùshì zhēn de. :)


Thanks for the translation in Pinyin :) I can speak but can't read/write and it takes me a solid 10 to figure out what a sentence is trying to say without Pinyin. I wish duo would get Chinese out of Beta and add Pinyin.


Just a heads up to remind you that Google Translate is not the best tool to study the actual tones of pinyin... In your example I have already spotted the error in bùshì.

不 usually has the fourth tone (falling tone) when it is used on its own. E.g. 不好

However, the tone CHANGES when the word that follows 不 is a fourth tone word. You will have to read 不 with a second tone (rising tone). Examples: 不要、不錯、不是、不再、不認識。

In your case, 不是 should be bu (/) shi ().

As said above, addition of Pinyin would be extremely useful in teaching of these tonal rules


I agree.

In addition, when looking up 不 in a dictionary like the Contemporary Chinese Dictionary (现代汉语词典), you will find it under bù, not bú, and there is a notice telling you to change the tone before a falling tone character. So in the dictionary 不对 and 不是 are annotated with bùduì and bùshì respectively, but pronounced as búduì and búshì, and from this prospective both annotated pinyin and pronunciation provided by Google Translate are correct.

PS: I find it may be a little bit like Japanese particles – は, を and へ are pronounced as ha, wo and he respectively, while as particles they are pronounced as wa, o and e.


@DariusLee3 Thank you for pointing that out. It was indeed very careless of me not to notice the wrong tone mark before posting the transliteration. Perhaps it was also the excitement about the lyrical sentence that made me ignore it.


If you're on a computer (as opposed to a phone, say), Zhongwen Chinese Popup Dictionary is a good browser extension that allows you to hover your mouse pointer over a character and see the pronunciation as well as the translation.


What's the use of 的 at the very end ?


Does 这个故事不真 mean the same? Can we replace 是 with 很 here?


Why is there a 是? This story is not good. - 这个故事不好


"是" and "的" often go together in a set grammar pattern.


This is not a true story. Is perfectly correct.... When will you see it???


为什么this story is not the truth 不行呢


Since 真 means real, or really, why not say "this isn't a real story"?

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