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Hej på dig Monika


One of my friends linked me the song "Hej Monika" and i was wondering about the meaning of the lyrics. (I googled a bit, but i think i still dont understand the lyrics) I would appreciate it, if someone with more knowledge about the swedish language than me could help me with an interpretation. Tack!


Kalla blickar, kalla kårar Du var bar 14 vårar ta min hand och visa mig vägen Jag är din alla lägen

Känns som vår kärlek kom på sne från början Precis som lutande tornet i Pisa Men tornet står där än idag och här står du och här står jag

January 24, 2018



it means kinda something like this: Cold looks, chills. you were only 14 springs (14 years old) take my hand and show me the way, i am yours in any situation. It feels like our love began a little lopsided, like the leaning tower of Pisa. But the tower is still standing there today, and here you are standing, and here i am standing.

I hope that makes sense :p


It was a cover of PewDiePie?)))


no pewds technically did a cover to it :D

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