"Miss Li is our manager."


January 24, 2018

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As far as I remember, we were taught in a Chinese course that 小姐 is obsolete (and even a little rude) and should not be used anymore.


I once talked to a Chinese girl (online) who said that instead of using 小姐, I should call her 错过. I had never heard this before, and when I said it sounded as though she had committed an error, she just laughed. Is 错过 really an accepted form of address, or is someone having a laugh at my expense? (I know that 错过 can be a verb, meaning "to miss," as in getting an answer incorrect, so I did wonder if someone was playing a joke on me...)

If it is legitimate, though, does it have any sort of connotations does with regard to age, etc? Or, is it a relatively new term? (I started studying Chinese in 1985, and it's really amazing how much some things have changed since then! )


In PRC, at least, it has negative connotations, but elsewhere I find you can or are even encouraged to use it e.g. in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore.




Acceptable, but different emphasis, so the given one is more accurate.


What is the difference between 经理 and 老板?


manager vs. boss


I was told that 老板 is usually the person who owns the whole, (often small) business, like the owner of the store or restaurant. On the other hand, 经理 is more like middle management in a corporation.



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