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"Germany has eighty million inhabitants."

Translation:Deutschland hat achtzig Millionen Einwohner.

January 24, 2018



Warum nicht: Deutschland hat achtzig Millionen Bewohner? Is Bewohner the synonym of Einwohner?


"Einwohner" is used for countries and cities, "Bewohner" for houses.


A really helpful answer. Thank you for your kindness.


Why is "Millionen" capitalized while "achtzig" isn't? If it was "hat ein million Einwohner" would it still be capitalized?


Numbers are generally not capitalised, with the exception of millions/billions/..., because the "main word", so to say, is "die Million" (noun). So it'd be "Die Stadt hat eine Million Einwohner."

Note that million = Million, billion = Milliarde, trillion = Billion, etc.

Since the spelling reform, there's another exception that doesn't make sense to me, but there you are: variations of "hundert" and "tausend" can be capitalised (not necessarily) in these contexts: several hundred trees = ein paar Hundert Bäume (but: 400 trees = vierhundert Bäume); hundreds of people = Hunderte Menschen; they came by the hundreds = sie kamen zu Hunderten; hundreds and hundreds of stars = Hundert(e) und Aberhundert(e) Sterne.

And ordinal numbers are capitalised as well when used on their own, like nominalised adjectives would be: "Der Erste gewinnt eine Million Euro." ("The first [one] (= the winner of the race) wins one million euros."), cf. "Der Dünne zeigt uns den Weg." ("The skinny one/person shows us the way."); but: "der erste Läufer" (the first runner), cf. "der dünne Mann" (the skinny man).


in China and India live 2,8 billion people (1,4 billion each)


Jetzt weiß ich was sie in ihrer Freizeit machen.

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