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can't decide if i want to do spanish or french

January 24, 2018



well i think french would be nice


I think that Spanish is quite a bit easier than French and so if this is your first (not mother) language, maybe Spanish would be more enjoyable. Also, Spanish is a lot more useful. But for example me personally, I could not get into Spanish, I do not know why. I tried and it was not working well for me. Maybe try a few lessons of both and decide then?


Whichever you choose, I'd recommend working on one or the other until you get to at least level 10. Then if you want you could switch to the other for a while and compare.


Whichever you prefer.


Both spanish and french are easy as they are both romance languages and have a similar grammatical structure. Which culture appeals to you the most? Which language do you want to learn? if you can't decide, then why not do both?


i feel like french is easier x that could just be me idk x


Honestly, although I had 5 years of French at school (many years ago), I found Spanish much easier to learn. Fewer irregular verbs certainly helped, as did the grammatical structure. But I agree, DO NOT try both at once, you'll simply confuse yourself. Wait till you feel quite comfortable in one before going at the other.

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