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  5. "Chceš se starat o moje dítě?"

"Chceš se starat o moje dítě?"

Translation:Do you want to be taking care of my child?

January 24, 2018



The correct answer sounds unnatural to me. Isnt it common to say in English "Do you want to take care of my child" ?


Yes, "Do you want to take care of my child" is a more common English formulation, though I wouldn't say that "Do you want to be taking care of my child" is wrong. (The version with "take care" was just accepted for me.)


Perhaps the authors wants to maintain the perfectivity/imperfectivity. In that case your sentence is closer to "postarat", not "starat".


I agree it is unnatural


Yes it's unnatural for sure. It's not wrong per se but I think it implies NOT doing something else. "I'm sorry that you have to go but do you want to be taking care of my child?" That seems like it might sound right, especially with some emphasis.


Perhaps as a subtle proposal of marriage from a widower with a child!


me (with accent) would also work here instead of more, correct?


"mé" is the same as "moje", just more formal (higher register).

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