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Show us the translation of the Chinese Ideograms when we answer.

Please show us the translation of the Chinese ideograms after we give the answer, it would really help memorize.

January 24, 2018



Hi. I totally agree. The only way I am getting somewhere with this course (after 2 weeks of trying) is by looking at my son's text book that has similar structure - but I get the chinese characters and translation. Also, it took me a long time to figure out that you can actually click on the characters when you are translating (the little dots under the characters) and that shows you the translation. Instructions would be useful - my son showed me.


If you highlight the character and then "control-click" it (Alt-click on a PC?), provided you installed a Chinese-English dictionary (or German-English for German etc.) it will ask you if you want to "look it up. It will even annotate the character with the correct pinyin tones, and if the character is in a document on your computer, it gives you all the explanations for that character. I have a Mac and that's what I do. When I print the page, the annotated pinyin is there and readable too...

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