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Podcasts for french learners?

Does anyone have any suggestions for interesting French podcasts? My favorite English podcasts tend to be in the crime genre or something similar to Welcome to Nightvale/Alice Isn't Dead, so ideally it'd be something similar to that. It doesn't necessarily have to be made for learners, just something with a fairly slow speaker.

January 25, 2018



These are great for intermediate french learners:



If you are not quite at this level yet, then bookmark the pages for when you are. They are the most interesting I have found yet.


These are perfect! They are a good speed and I like that they have the transcripts. I've been listening to France Culture radio, and it is next to impossible for me to keep up. Maybe in a few months I'll come back to it, but these will be my go-to for a while.


Coffee Break French is pretty good - but it's definitely for people who are learning French.

You might check out "News in Slow French" too. It used to be free but they may require payment now (News in Slow Spanish did this).


Frenchpod101 is great, as they have awesome podcasts for advanced learners to absolute beginners. Coffee break French is also pretty good.


May I suggest a radio podcast on the radio Europe 1 "Franck Ferrand Au coeur de l'histoire" , it's about an historical figure or an event in the past . I think the presenter (is it the right word?) speaks well, not too fast, he articulates and use a good french language (not like in lots of tv or radio shows) . Maybe for an intermediate level ?



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