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Why is korean so hard

January 25, 2018



I don't think it's hard, I just think it's very very different. It'll take some time to get used to it, but it's not impossible.

Granted, I'm still beginning in Korean, but I'm fairly comfortable with Japanese, which is pretty similar to Korean grammatically and also very different from English. It took time to get used to a lot of it, but I'm now comfortable with it.


lol You will get by, love. ;p It might seem extra challenging at first for those who are already used to Indo-European languages such as English and Spanish.

It is like Men's tennis. Rafael Nadal usually wins in clay courts yet he struggles in non-clay courts as he is not used to other court types. ;)

Anyway, hope you try to add as much fun element as possible in your learning journey by watching lots of contents in Korean rather than just being " I need to memorize this, that" all the time. Sometimes it is better for one to learn naturally while immersing yourself in something interesting, fun.



Because it's very different to what you're used to.


Do you really know all these languages...??!


Just memorize the Hangul first, then move on to the vocab. Also be sure to read the notes on computer. :) We'll get through together!! Fighting!


As a native, I think it really hard language. cheerup! I'll give y ou lingot


Like TheEeveeLords says, it different rather than hard, a matter of procedural knowledge. Which this site seems designed for. Memrise, that uses time limits, is likely good for this too.


From what I can tell, it’s definitely one of the harder languages for native English speakers to learn. Let’s try not to get too discouraged when we’re just beginning. :) It will get better! :)


Same here. I have Hangul fairly memorized, but I struggle with the grammar

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