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  5. "Žofie chce velmi levný byt."

"Žofie chce velmi levný byt."

Translation:Žofie wants a very inexpensive apartment.

January 25, 2018



Assuming "levný" also means cheap? Or is there another word for that?


It does also mean cheap.


Another word for "levný" would be "laciný". It has a little bit of a bad taste, kind of like "cheap" in english. Both cheap and laciný could simply mean inexpensive but they both can also suggest that the quality is not there or it can be used about a person who does not like to part with their money.


If it also means „cheap“, what else does it mean? I have a Czech dictionary with 40.000 words, it has two translations for levný, and they both mean „cheap.“

:Edit: Sorry, I now see that the other translation is “inexpensive,” which may be more neutral than “cheap.”


I wrote "Zofie wants to be very cheap". If Zofie was a man, would this be correct?


No, “to be” is být, not byt. Moreover, I think the prefered word order would be different, like František chce být velmi levný.

By the way, what would such a sentence be supposed to mean?


Yes, that word order would be very unusual (although marginally possible).

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