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  5. "Es ist jedoch nicht möglich."

"Es ist jedoch nicht möglich."

Translation:However, it is not possible.

April 13, 2014



Why does it matter where the "however" is placed in the english?


In English grammar it would be correct to write, "It is, however, not possible." Make sure you put the commas in though.


you're definitely a native speaker


Agreed. I placed it at the end and I don't see why that isn't accepted.


It is accepted now. 14/05/19


It can go at the beginning, at the end, or in the middle (between "it is" and "not possible"). All should be accepted.


What's wrong with "it is, however, impossible"?


That's a good one. It does have the same meaning as their sentence. It shouldn't be wrong to use the one word "impossible" instead of the two words "not possible" unless if they specifically want the more direct word-for-word translation.


I agree. As a native English speaker, there is little difference in meaning between using "impossible" and "not possible." Only, perhaps in the subtleties of whethe something may not be possible only in the moment as opposed to not being possible ever, or impossible. I am not familiar enough with the meaning of "nicht möglich" to say wch is the best fit, though. Nonetheless, in the case of this level of grammar, there should be a good explanation as to why these typically interchangeable words and phrases are not accepted.


Habe es nun gemeldet (2015-06-11):

"It is impossible, however." sollte als richtig gewertet werden.


I had the same question, but let see if they change it s it would become a right answer.


Why it is not accepted if i write: It is not possible,though


As far as I understand, "It is not possible, though" is incomplete. It is not possible, though it could have been done if he was here.


Why is "likely” a valid translation of “möglich” elsewhere but not here? As in, for this statement: “It is not likely, however.”


I was wondering that too.


What is wrong with "it is not possible though"?


what is wrong with "it is not however possible"?


Hmm. I wrote "However it is impossible." and lost a heart. Shoud I report it? Is not ad literam, but same meaning...


Impossible and not possible can mean the same, but in a sentence you can use not possible to put the accent on "not" as unmöglich put less emphasis on it.


"However, it's not feasible" marked wrong even though it was one of the hints.


It however is not possible was not accepted


Mine said the correct word was achievable.


Möglich means possible? I thought it meant likely and probable!!


"likely" and "probable" can be translated as "wahrscheinlich", "vermutlich", "voraussichtlich". That is more than just "possible": You do not only think that something can happen but you assume that it will really happen.


"however, it is not likely" was wrong.. I thought it to be likely (pun intended)


"Möglich" means "possible," not "likely."


Why not "Though it's impossible"?


Duo is getting a little totalitarian in this category. English simply does not have the lock down structure it is imposing.


I have no idea what you're trying to say. Could you maybe put it in German? :-)


Now they are counting commas. A bit totalitarian. This is not the only questionable one in this section. They are trying to force English into a structure it does not have.


If you have a problem with a translation, you'll have to be more specific about what the issue was. What exactly did you write?


Is it okay if I were to put the jedoch at the start of the sentence and do native speakers do it when speaking?


I think, "Jedoch, es ist nicht möglich." is correct German, but it is unusual. The normal phrase is: "Es ist jedoch nicht möglich." I think, there is no other possible word order than these two.

You make a short break between "Jedoch," and "es ist nicht möglich." This increases the tension. So the "Jedoch," is emphasized.


"Jedoch, es ist nicht möglich" is not correct. The verb must go second: "Jedoch ist es nicht möglich."


Context is crucial. So please let me give you some examples.

"Ja, ich habe wirklich viele interessante Hobbies. Lesen, Schach, Musik hören. Wenn es möglich ist, Reisen, Autorennen, Tresore knacken. Jedoch, " und hier senkt sich sein Blick und er fährt leise fort: "es ist nicht möglich. Zur Zeit verbüße ich eine lebenslängliche Freiheitsstrafe."

(= "Yes, I really have a lot of interesting hobbies. Reading, chess, listening to music. Whenever possible, travel, car racing, cracking safes. However, " and here his gaze lowers and he continues quietly, "it's not possible. At the moment I'm serving a life sentence.")

The other word order is also possible if something follows:

"Ich singe gerne laut und ausgiebig. Von Beruf bin ich Taucherin. Jedoch ist es nicht möglich, beides irgendwie zu verbinden."

(= "I like to sing loudly and extensively. I am a diver by profession. However, it is not possible to combine the two in any way.")


Interesting, I did not think that was possible. Thanks for the correction!


In english the however can go front, centre or end with punctuation


Frustration ingnition - on "It is still not possible", answered. Got rejected.


I read "still" in that sentence as showing time-related meaning-- i.e., It wasn't possible earlier, and it still isn't now. You'd need just the right context and intonation for that to mean "however," and it definitely doesn't work in writing.

"Still, it is not possible" would be okay though.


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