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Is it toi or Tu

I am learning French and on this site, it is telling me that you is Tu but from another source, it said that it translates to toi.

January 25, 2018



It is both. Reversio is great for this kind of thing.

On a une fantastique surprise pour toi. - We have a fantastic surprise for you.

English is the weird one here. If it was "he" the sentence would end with "him" but for "you" we still use "you".


"Tu" is a single subject only: Tu vas bien (You are fine)

If there is another subject, you have to use "toi":

  • "Elle et toi allez bien" (She and you are fine)

After a preposition, "toi" is used:

  • Je marche avec/sans/avant/après... toi (I walk with/without/before/after you).

In short questions/ answers, and after "c'est", "toi" is used:

  • "Allô, c'est toi ?" (Hello, is that you?)
  • "Qui va répondre ? Toi ?" (Who's going o answer? You?)

As an emphasis:

  • Toi, tu aimes les glaces ? (Do you like ice-cream?)

In all other cases, where the second person singular pronoun is a direct or indirect object, "te" is used:

  • Je te vois (I see you) - direct object
  • Je te parle (I talk to you) - indirect object with the preposition "à" (to)


I'm still trying to understand this myself, so I kept looking and found this youtube video


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