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  5. "Tunawasomea gazeti"

"Tunawasomea gazeti"

Translation:We are reading a newspaper to them

January 25, 2018



how do I differentiate "to them" or "for them" when I hear this sentence? just by context? or would both of them be right?


Well, it pretty much means the same thing, right?

I suppose you could have them both in the same sentence like.

"My mother reads to my child for me!" (ie. I'm busy doing something else). In that case, it's clear that the "for" doesn't mean I'm the listener, but I'm the beneficiary in some way. I think I'd say that like this in Swahili.

Mama yangu anamsomea mtoto wangu kwa ajili yangu.
= My mother reads to my child for my sake.


Too many words for this, I've never heard someone use this.


'for them' still not approved. Reported again, Apr. 2020

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