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Writing Stories for Practice

I think one of the most fun ways to practice a new language is to write stories! So, I'm trying to translate this riveting, NYT bestselling story I wrote when I first started practicing German into Japanese. It goes as such: Ich habe ein Hemd. Mein Hemd ist groß. Mein Hemd isst meine Katze. Ich sehe meine Katze nicht. I have a shirt. My shirt is big (changing to vast). My shirt ate my cat. I do not see (switching to find in Japanese translation) my cat. And finally, my translation so far: 私がシャツを持っている。 (わたしがシャツをもっている。) 莫大なシャツはです。 (ばくだいなシャツ) 私の猫を食べました。(わたしのねこをたべました。) 猫は私が見つけません。(ねこはわたしがみつけません。) I am fairly certain it will need quite a bit of work still, but here is my initial work based on what I gathered from Jisho and the Tae Kim's grammar guide. Anybody else with a story post it below and maybe we can help each other get better at writing and grammar.

January 25, 2018



私がシャツを持っている。→ 私はシャツを持っています。 or 私にはシャツがあります。

莫大なシャツはです。 → 非常に大きなシャツです。(莫大 usually means a substantial amount, not size)

私の猫を食べました。(You ate your cat? I'm reporting you to the ASCPA) → シャツに猫が飲み込まれた。(Cat was swallowed by the shirt)
猫は私が見つけません。→ 私の猫が見つかりません。

While I admire the initiative, it appears that you're trying to leapfrog over the basics. Using vague or overly florid language rather than simple expressions will likely complicate your progress.


This is incredibly helpful, thanks. I have been practicing a lot since I initially wrote this and have also noticed more mistakes myself. Turns out, a simple translation in one language is much more complicated in a totally different language, but I think after this I've started to get a much better grasp on how the grammar works, as well as choosing the right vocabulary.


Glad you found it helpful. Keep it up!

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