need help

where are korean stories? anybody tell me........thanks

January 25, 2018


Korean course is still in beta, so there are no stories yet. They are currently available only for a couple of courses post beta-phase, such as Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.

thank u friends for the answer ............ are we friends now ?????

Bienvenue! 환영합니다! Welcome! :D

It means welcome. In French :)

Howdy! :D If you feel like to read stories, fables in Korean, please try this. It might be a little tricky for beginners. Maybe OKish for intermediate and advanced learners:

Something's wrong, the link directs me to the 404 page, but I still can see your post on the forums.

Edit: Hmm it still doesn't work, I though maybe that was temporary. You could try moving the post to Duolingo and back to Korean again, or maybe delete it and post it again.

Oh dear! Don't know what went wrong.! Thanks for flagging! ;D

I noticed that if your post contains one of words considered "bad" (not-polite words that you use when angry, references to "adult stuff" and various "consuming substanes" - I use those terms so this post won't get hidden too), even out of context, it automatically gets flagged and hidden, some kind of algorithm probably.

Check if your post contains any words that could be considered one of those above (maybe the title of one of the fables?), change it and then repost. Or contact a mod about the issue, post in "Troubleshooting" category.

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