"Na sousedových stromech je víc jablek."

Translation:There are more apples on the neighbor's trees.

January 25, 2018

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There are more apples on the neighbour's trees., should also be accepted - it's the British English spelling of 'Neighbor'


it "should" (please note the quotes) accept British spelling of words even without adding them. Color-colour, favor-favour, and neighbor and everything else SHOULD automatically be acceptable by the system. Just saying...

Reality though..


After testing: neighbour instead of neighbor is accepted automatically, neighbour's instead of neighbor's is regarded as a typo.


I can see where the problem was then, because there was a spelling mistake in the report there. I should have tested it more thoroughly before editing.


Why is it “the neighbour’s”, but “my neighbour’s” is not accepted? In other exercises, “my” is often the accepted translation where the relationship is implied but not explicitly stated in Czech (e.g. my sister, my mother). Does it only apply to familial relations?


"My" is also accepted, but not every alternative included it as an option. I have done an update.


Why is it "je" not "jsou" ?


It is je because of víc, which is followed by the genitive: "more OF apples." I think of it as the subject being víc, modified by jablek, rather than the subject being jablka. (That's probably not the best explanation, but it's an in-my-head approach that works for me... so far.)


Thanks - I'll try to remember your "more of apples" for other applications

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