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"Učím se česky dlouho, ale ještě jsem se příliš nenaučil."

Translation:I have been studying Czech for a long time, but I have not learnt too much yet.

January 25, 2018



the "už" ("already") is missing in the given translation. That would not be too bad, were it not that the sentence is rejected with the "already" included.


Lots of versions of the English sentenced with "already" are accepted.

We don't usually have to translate "už" here, it's expressed by the English present perfect tense.


I used already in my translation and learned instead of learnt. Not sure which was counted as wrong but both should be accepted.


i can relate to this....sigh


:-) Almost a year? That's not very long. As far as Czech is concerned, you have to assume at least five years.


I think it is almost two years now....but I do have better days and think I am getting it...but that never lasts long. But I get to know a lot of words but declensions and word order? Probably never, but then I do not take it too serious.


Yes, I have the same with English - After two years - better and worse days... . But English is definitely easier.


Imagine your progress if you accepted one of our invitations to the Incubator and could observe the internal discussions of these public discussion issues. Oh well...


:-) Thank You, I understand. However, it's still a matter of the future.


Tineke, what's your native language and what other langauges can you speak to some extent? :)


My native language is Dutch. My English is reasonable, I speak Danish, some German and French (from my schooldays). After duo-Spanish and Irish, I thought it would be interesting to get to know a Slavic language. But I am far too lazy to work hard on the declensions.


While it's true that none of those languages have particulary complicated grammar, especially when it comes to declensions, it certainly helps that you've already learned so many languages. And with Duo-level 25 it would be a shame to give up now ;) You could try reading some easy texts, that way the declensions find a way into your subconsious and you'll find you don't have to struggle with them so much.


Had five years of Latin at school too, so that has never been so useful as it is now.....


In my version the complete answer was already given (translating Czech to English with choosing the right word order)


I have noticed this frequently when using my phone, but not on the computer. I suspect it's due to the smaller screen not having enough room to accommodate both the tiles and the lines into which to move them. I could be wrong. But either way, it's a Duo system issue, and not something the course team can help with. :-/


"I have already been learning Czech for a long time, but I did not learn too much yet."

"I have been studying Czech for a long time, but I did not learn too much yet."

"I have already been studying Czech for a long time, but I have not learned too much yet."

Are these sentences really wrong? Or strange? I understand that present perfect is more suitable, but is past simple wrong here? Thanks.


The word "yet" and the perfect tense are really good buddies.


I seem to have a problem similar to those below. What is wrong with: 'I have already been learning Czech for a long time, but I haven't learnt too much yet'?


the czech "už" is how that language often makes up for its lack of tenses when expressing the english progressive present perfect. with that english tense, the "already" is not needed and rubs many of our native english colleagues wrong. i added it to this exercise.

i hope that is enough. it would be sad if we could not teach the most natural translations because they violate our users' preconceived notions.


What Svršek says is certainly important to remember. But your version of the sentence has been accepted for some time.

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