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German course changed recently?

Trying the German course again after a few months.
Seems too easy although learning German language is difficult.

Too few questions per lesson.
Too many repeat questions.
Very short sentences.
Only the basic questions remain.

Apologies if this is a repeat question.

January 25, 2018



The repeat questions I've noticed. I think it's just an issue of having only 1 or 2 weak words in a lesson and Duolingo unable to deal with it.

The biggest problem I have with the German course is that there are way too many German->English translations. I can see a German sentence and guess at it's meaning pretty easily since English is my mother language and they're very similar. However when I have to do English->German translations, that's where you have to know Grammar which is the hardest part of learning German. I have to know sentence structure, noun gender, verb conjugation, case articles. All of that stuff is what I want to practice but the way the course is set up now I rarely get to.


They do need to input more EN-GE translations, as being able to practice grammar will be helpful. Yes, it's hard, but it will get easier if they input it.


I'm noticing the same thing.


The repeat questions have been cropping up in a lot of languages. Not sure what's going on.

One thing I've noticed about the German tree is that the units are short but there are a LOT of them. 121 leaves on the tree, compared to 60-odd for Italian and Spanish and 70-odd for French. The total number of questions is probably comparable across the four languages.

I disagree with "only the basic questions remain". I'm doing a repeat pass through the tree, and there's still plenty to challenge me!


I've noticed this too, in some lessons I'm asked to do the same question or translation in what feels like every different format, in a row. After doing this fairly intensively for days on end (I use the maximum trainer level) Its occurred to me there are so many subjects and words I never seem to encounter anymore. This feels like quite a drastic change.

It actually feels a little less useful and a little more repetitive, Duolingo Isn't supposed to be a sole resource but it's always been incredible for keeping a basic familiarity with the language in my head. Now I feel like I'm missing things.

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