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I am tentatively starting to use French in emails - can I check this is correct?

I only started using Duolingo recently, and my main reason for learning is that several of my collaborators are in France. I am starting to attempt short replies in French but am very worried about making a mistake. If I want to say "sorry, this is our FEDEX account number - we can't use DHL", is this correct?

"Désolé, c'est notre FEDEX numero compte - nous ne pouvons pas utiliser DHL."

January 25, 2018



I think it should be "Désolé, c'est notre numéro de compte FEDEX - nous pouvons pas utiliser DHL." Don't let my Duolingo French level fool you, I have a degree in French :)

PS - Don't be so worried about making a mistake, people who learn a new language always make mistakes, it's really to be expected. Worrying too much can lead to you not daring to speak or write in French and this is really counterproductive - I learned that the hard way :)


My french is not good enough to check your work but I recently discovered that reverso has a cool grammer check/ editing feature online, it might help you in the future. Http://www.reverso.net/spell-checker/french-spelling-grammar/


That sentence looks right to me...But I'm not fluent in French, either. I've finished the French tree, however, and everything looks correct. You could also say "Pardon" instead of "Désolé", since "Désolé" usually means that you've done something wrong and are sorry for it. But Désolé can work as well. Your collaborators must be impressed! :D

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