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  5. "Some spiders have eaten him."

"Some spiders have eaten him."

Translation:Sežrali ho nějací pavouci.

January 25, 2018



Já jsem napsál "Sežrali ho někteří pavouci." - A je to špatně. Jaký je rozdíl mezi "nějací" a "někteří"?



That is quite subtle.

Nějací - some unidentified or previously unknown.

Někteří - some of the spiders (which we may know already).

But it is better to Czech a good dictionary with explanations and check some actual usage examples.

I think I can imagine a context for někteří so I will add it. Although it may be a bit gross. Like if you served pieces of someone to a group of spiders end check if some will eat him...

But probably only in "Někteří pavouci ho sežrali.", not in your word order.


Thanks a lot for the explanation.

So now I found out that:

nějací = niște (ro)

někteří = unii (ro)

Czech language has also other similarities with Romanian, except the word order and other syntax/topic things (of course :)).


Isn't 'Několik pavouků ho sežrali.' also a suitable translation? And if not, how would you translate this one to English?


'Několik pavouků ho sežralO.' the subject is "několik" here.

Notice also, that in English you say "a lot of/a few/some ... are", in Czech we have "mnoho/několik ... je", not "jsou".


Well, I'm confused. ''Několik pavouků ho sežralo'' is still not accepted, one year after my first post (with a wrong suggestion). I thought it was ok. ??


I am not sure if "some spiders" is the same as "několik pavouků". I think that is closer to "several spiders".


"Sežrali jeho nějací pavouci." is not accepted, I thought "ho" was just a shortened form of jeho?


Ho is the unstressed form used in the second position. Jeho is the stressed form used in stressed positions. Stressing HIM however makes less sense here for we apparently haven't heard about the spiders before (hence some spiders).

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