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A few more French sentence corrections please!

Trying to use past tense - passe compose.
Using negatives.
Using me/te/se le/la/les lui/leur y en

I saw a chair, I did not sit on it yesterday.
J'ai vu une chaise, je ne me suis pas assis hier.

I saw you, I did not speak to you yesterday.
Je t'ai vu, je ne t'ai pas parlé hier,

He had a book, I did not give it to him yesterday.
Il avait un livre, je ne le lui ai pas donné hier,

She has some milk, she did not give me some yesterday.
Elle a du lait, elle ne m'en a pas donné hier.

She goes to Paris, she did not drive there yesterday.
Elle va à Paris, elle n'y a pas conduit hier.

Thanks for reading !

January 25, 2018



Not fluent but isn't something missing from "je ne me suis pas assis hier?" Does that not mean I did not sit yesterday i.e. the "on it" is missing? Perhaps adding "dessus" after assis would fix that.


I'm taking French too! And this was a big help! Thanks!

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