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  5. "The cat eats bread."

"The cat eats bread."

Translation:그 고양이가 빵을 먹습니다.

January 25, 2018



If it says "The cat" why do they use "그 고양이는" instead of just "고양이는 "?


This is a mistake. They should accept 고양이는 빵을 먹습니다 as a correct answer. I reported the mistake and they emailed to say my suggestion was accepted but unfortunately it's not accepting it as a correct answer yet.


그 means "this". It's difficult to use 그 in a short sentence like this. Because there are three words to say "this": 이/그/처. There are rules for these words. You need somebody to talk when you use these words. You say 이 고야이 when you and the other person can reach the cat with the hands. 그 고야이 when the other person can reach the cat, but you don't. 처 고양이 when both of you can't reach the cat.


It's 이, 그, and 저. Not 처.

이 is "this", 그 is "that", 저 is "that" when the thing is out of reach.


Right! I don't know why, but all I know is that 그 can mean "The" besides "That". It has been screwing me up!


the answer used to be just 고양이는 a while ago, I don't know why they changed it but 그 feels unnecessary in this sentence


I got it wrong for the same thing


Same, I thought the 그 is implied here and not necessary to include


what is the difference between 가 and 는 ?


는 is a topic marker while 가 is a subject particle. When you use 는/은, it implies that there's a function of emphasis and/or contrast, unlike using the subject marker 가/이

It means, like, 가방은 예쁘다, that something else isn't as pretty as the bag.

So, 가방이 예쁘다, only this bag, that is around is pretty, no more to it, the end.


In my understanding 은/는 is used when a noun is being explained so the more correct sentence is 가방은 예쁘다. Whereas 이/가 explains a subject doing an action, like in a sentence where verb is used.


Why does the computer lady's pronunciation on "bread" sound the way it does?



It seems OK to my ears but you can try the above link also! ;p

빵 sounds exactly like French word "pain"

Likewise, barley = 보리

무 = mooli

똥 = dung


무슨 뜻 인지.....


뭐? 나는 모든 것을 혼동한다! TT!

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