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  5. "Mie îmi place dansul."

"Mie îmi place dansul."

Translation:I like to dance.

January 25, 2018



I like dance? I like dancing? There are other ways to express this that should be accepted, I think


"I like dancing" is accepted now, but "I like dance" isn't and should be, since it's the more accurate translation.


When I say, "I like to dance," I mean that dancing is something I like doing. "I like dance" and "I like dancing," can mean that, but they can mean I like watching other people dancing.

Does Romanian make that distinction?


Mie is not necessary but it is used for emphasis. Romance language have a tendency to repeat indirect object pronouns


Mulțumesc foarte frumos! Italian is the only other romance language I know and that one doesn't repeat indirect object pronouns as far as I'm aware!


Why is mie needed here? Would it not be sufficient to just say îmi place? I was under the impression that îmi shows that it is a reflexive action on oneself?


„Îmi” does show a reflexive action, and indeed „mie” is superfluous; it serves to provide emphasis though, so it is not incorrect to use. In actuality, this double reflexive construction is very common in native spoken Romanian, especially when paired with the verb „to like” - „a plăcea”, as is the case in the example sentence.


As has been pointed out several times, several years ago, the translation is incorrect:

  • Îmi place dansul = I like dance
  • Îmi place să dansez = I like to dance / I like dancing

I have reported it, let's see how long it takes to be fixed.


The translation is not correct. I might like looking at ballet or modern dancing without myself being able to dance. The correct translation would be "I like (the) dancing"


So. I myself like dancing was marked wrong .... how woud you say that in Romanian then? Multumesc

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